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Klinker's Lumber had its modest beginning in the basement of Robert and Francis Klinker on Lock Street in Waverly, Ohio in the early 1940's. Robert Klinker brought his family from Portsmouth, Ohio to Waverly, Ohio to accept employment as a meat cutter. Robert's first business venture was making baseball bats, and they were sold at a local Auto Parts store when a traveling salesman soon began taking orders for bats to sell on his route. The first order was for 10,000 and a reorder of 20,000. Bob's two sons William and Robert (Terry) were old enough by that time to help him. The business grew throughout the 40's when storm windows, doors and cabinets became part of the Klinker line. After graduating, Robert's sons and daughter joined the firm as partners.


In 1952, a two story building was built as a cabinet shop, and in a few years, an addition was added to this building. In 1964, a large lumber warehouse was built across the street. Then in 1979, construction of a new 12,000 sq. ft. store was begun which still houses the store today. A new 17,000 sq. ft. drive-thru lumber warehouse was built in 1991 to replace the lumber warehouse built back in 1964.

Bill, Terry and Loretta have retired and now Klinker's is in its third generation of ownership. Bill's two sons, Joe and Bill Jr., are now running the business.


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